Player Spotlight: Fangzhou Hou

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at spotlighting Gainesville gaming talent, and the University of Florida’s very own Fangzhou Hou is the first to take the stage. Watch the video to see Hou in action, and click the link to read more  about his gaming talents.

Name: Fangzhou Hou
Game: StarCraft II
Hometown: Beijing, China
School: The University of Florida
Year: Junior
Major: Computer engineering
Favorite Strategy: Two Gate Robo
Favorite StarCraft Resources: Team Liquid, GosuGamers, GOMtv, Day[9] Daily
Favorite “StarCraft II” Race: Protoss

Hou, who’s ranked 18 in a top, or diamond, division of player’s brackets, has been playing “StarCraft II” for a mere 6 months and never played more than a few matches of the original “StarCraft.” However, he cut his teeth on “WarCraft III,” which is where he said he learned the fundamentals of real-time strategy games like “StarCraft.”

Hou plays 30 hours per week when school is not in session, and he competes in a national college league, the C StarLeague.

Gator Gaming, the biggest gaming club at UF, hosted a tournament in August where Hou showed off his talents and took home the first-place prize, a SideWinder keyboard and mouse.

He was ranked in the top 100 players for “WarCraft III,” and won first place in another “StarCraft II” tournament hosted by North American DoTA Syndicate during the beta.

Hou said that while becoming a professional “StarCraft II” player is a dream, he knows that he could never achieve that status, mostly due to the fact that the biggest professional scene is in Korea and he doesn’t want to leave America. Instead, Hou’s goals as a player are to become the number one ranked diamond player in his division and to simply improve his presence within the “StarCraft” community.

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