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Full Steam ahead — or not

Anyone looking to get in on the last few hours of Steam’s incredible Thanksgiving weekend sale will have to use the website rather than the game client. However, if you’re looking to actually play the game you just purchased — too bad. As of 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Nov. 30, Valve’s PC gaming platform is MIA.

There is no word from Valve yet whether or not there is a fix on the way, so just assume you won’t be able to get a quick round of “Super Meat Boy” in before heading off to class. Stay tuned for additional information.

UPDATE: Steam appears to be working again, but you still won’t be able to get a quick round of “Super Meat Boy” in before class since it’s not available for download until 1 p.m. — fiddlesticks.

UPDATE: Just kidding. It appears to be offline once again. We’ll let you know when it’s fully functional.

UPDATE: Steam is up and running!


Review — Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)

Enslaved“Enslaved: Odyssey to the West” was created by Ninja Theory, a videogame development team that is known for its PlayStation 3 title, “Heavenly Sword.” The team has progressed since its PS3 debut, but the real question is: Did Team Ninja do enough or will it just enslave your wallet this fall?

WARNING: Text beyond this point may contain spoilers!

Story: 75
“Enslaved’s” story gives a nod to a famous Chinese folklore, “Journey to the West,” with its main character Monkey, who must go through a unique journey to reach enlightenment in a fictitious world.

As the game opens, Monkey is being held captive by a group of robotic slavers on a gigantic airship. Monkey finds a way to escape his holding cell and meets up with the game’s supporting female character, Trip, who plays a major role in the story but a minor role in gameplay.

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playCAST Episode Three: News, VGAs and Heavy Rain

Welcome to the third episode of playCAST. Your hosts, Ben Wade and Jeremy Lloyd, speak about the latest gaming news, the upcoming VGAs and dissect “Heavy Rain.” The show format is technically still in the works, but it is approaching critical mass — whatever that means… Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on the show or its topics in the comments below.

WARNING: “Heavy Rain” segment contains spoilers!

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Player Spotlight: Josh Hsu

This is the second in a series of articles aimed at spotlighting Gainesville gaming talent. In this second installment, University of Florida senior and “Super Smash Bros. Melee” player Josh Hsu steps up to the plate. Watch the video above to see him in action, or continue reading to find out more about this “Smasher.”

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UF students stage assassination to promote game tournament

Fuller assassinates students

John Fuller holds a sword out toward his attackers during a promotional "flash mob."

In front of the Turlington rock, 80 innocent bystanders witnessed the assassination of numerous University of Florida students on Friday afternoon. After the attack, students broke out into applause.

The violence was, in fact, simulated. It was all part of a promotions plan from Ubisoft campus representative Jay Uy. He set up the flash mob, or spontaneous street performance, in order to spread the word about a tournament for “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood,” the latest action title from Ubisoft.

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Sophomore claims victory at UF StarCraft II LAN

StarCraft II LAN
As shafts of light from the setting sun began to creep into room 110 of Rinker Hall on Nov. 6, 35 students were clashing for dominance on the alien battlefields of StarCraft II.

The event was Gator Gaming’s first member-organized LAN, which president Kyle Kirwin saw as more than a singular event but rather a new direction for the club.

“We expected it to be pretty high quality, and it has been,” Kirwan said. “We’ll definitely plan more things like this in the future — it’s kind of what we want the club to evolve into.”

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UF senior creates his own videogames

Domesticus sample image

An early prototype image from "Domesticus."

Gators know how to make games — at least that’s the case with University of Florida senior Ahmar Rana.

He has been creating his own videogames since 1996 after he began using a basic game editing program called Klik & Play. Since then, Rana has crafted dozens of games in his spare time — most of them eccentrically surreal gameplay experiences that he enjoys sharing with friends and having a laugh about.

“I just like it when I make something and then a bunch of other people turn out to enjoy what I create,” Rana said. “It feels liberating in a way.”

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