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playCAST Episode Four: Christmas, 3-D gaming, Tron, PS3 Mass Effect 2 Demo

Finally after a month of waiting, the next episode of playCAST is here! Once again, Ben Wade and Jeremy Lloyd are here to deliver their thoughts on the most recent happenings in the gaming realm. In episode four, you can hear their thoughts on Christmas gifts, Steam sales, 3-D gaming, “Tron: Legacy,” movie games and the PlayStation 3 demo of “Mass Effect 2.”

The end of the year articles mentioned in the episode can be found here: biggest disappointments, hidden gems and staff picks.

If you want to treat yourself for the holidays, then listening to this episode is the best Christmas present you could ever get yourself, especially since it’s free. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Staff picks of 2010 – part one

2010 staff picks one - playwisegaming.comIn order to celebrate this year in gaming, playWISE has been featuring several articles detailing the most memorable games of the year. So far we’ve talked about both our biggest disappointments and the best hidden gems of 2010.

It was hard to narrow it down, but each of us has selected two games that were released in 2010 that are our favorite for whatever reason. You can find the first group of picks below and read more about why these incredible games were chosen.

Check back on Saturday Jan. 1 for the second group of staff picks.
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Review — Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

DKCR art -“Donkey Kong Country Returns” marks the revival of Nintendo’s immensely popular, vine-swinging, barrel-blasting, side-scrolling platformer. The game was developed by Retro Studios, which is quite a surprise considering they’ve been making first-person Metroid shooters for the last 12 years. After his 14-year hiatus, does Donkey Kong blast out of retirement with a vengeance or merely slide out of his rocker and break his hip?

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playWISE’s hidden gems of 2010

hidden gems of 2010 - In order to celebrate this year in gaming, playWISE will be featuring several articles in the next few weeks detailing the most memorable games of the year. So far we’ve talked about our biggest disappointments of 2010.

With hundreds of videogames being released year after year, it’s difficult to find out about all of them, let alone get a chance to play them. Below are some of our favorite games of the year that were either overlooked by many gamers or were quite literally hidden.

Read onward to learn about the best games of the year that you never heard of.

Check back on Friday Dec. 31 to see our picks for top games of 2010.


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playWISE’s biggest disappointments of 2010

Disappointments of 2010 - playwisegaming.comIn order to celebrate this year in gaming, playWISE will be featuring several articles in the next few weeks detailing the most memorable games of the year.

2010 saw the release of some of the best gaming experiences to date. Unfortunately, these great games did not come without their share of black-sheep brethren.

Below are a few of the playWISE staff’s biggest disappointments of 2010. Keep in mind that we’re not saying all of these games are 100 percent terrible, but rather, they were created in such a way that left us desiring more from these well-known franchises and developers.

Check back on Tuesday Dec. 28 to see our opinions on the best unknown games of 2010.

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Trendy Developer Diary — Dungeon Devenders First Wave (iOS)

This is the first in a series of videos playWISE will be producing documenting the features of several games by Gainesville-based developer, Trendy Entertainment.

This video is a brief look at the mobile version of their latest action-RPG tower-defense title, “Dungeon Defenders: First Wave.” Let us know what you think of our video in the comments. Thanks for watching.


Super Meat Boy meets World

Super Meat BoyA new chapter entitled “Super Meat World” is just the tip of the iceberg of new and improved features coming to the PC version of the extremely popular indie game “Super Meat Boy” in its mid-January update.

IGN has the full list of improvements, which also include a fully supported level editor.  After the update, players will be able to create their own levels with almost anything already existing in the game and upload them to a newly created level portal.

Continue reading for the full list of updates.

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