playWISE networking, new members and official review formats

Hey guys, this is lead editor benwade. I’m proud to announce that playWISE is now officially part of the gaming network TheButtonMasherz. They’re currently running a YouTube channel hosting videos for game commentaries as well as a hub for independent game websites.

By way of TheButtonMasherz, playWISE is also now networked with a fellow Gainesville-based gaming site, VIDEOGAMEHENCHMEN. Check out the video above to see a few of the faces behind the network and check out a podcast we all took part in on Friday, which you can find here.

I’m also glad to announce the inclusion of two new playWISE editors Rebecca Kuebler and Jeremy Lloyd. Now that I’m not the only one writing, you can expect to see more content on the site covering a broader range of topics along with coverage of the gaming scene in Gainesville. Also, if you’ve been reading any of the previous reviews on the site, you’ll notice that the review formula has changed around a few times. Well, there is now an official formula — one for downloadable titles and one for full retail games.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the many evolutions of playWISE, and one day, we will reach our final evolution and take on the Elite Four.


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