Hidden Gems — Cat Astro Phi

Cat Astro Phi
Cat Astro Phi” is a free, top-down, one-hour, sci-fi, browser-based videogame. This Photon Storm title is a great throwback to the games of an almost-forgotten era. Fitted with a Game Boy border and a 160×144 resolution, this game will make you forget it’s nearly 2011.

In the game, you play as an intergalactic, kitten-saving spaceman, traveling from planet to planet to retrieve Jonesy, a cat that continuously gets ejected from your rocket after impossible to beat asteroid shooting segments.

After chasing Jonesy to the planet’s surface, you must traverse the foreign environments while fighting off alien robots and inching worms with your upgradeable laser-gun. The game plays a little bit like a 16-bit era Zelda title, complete with puzzles that involve pushing blocks and bombs around the level.

The best part about this hidden gem is the retro gaming aesthetic that it encapsulates perfectly. Hearing the three-channel chip tunes, which were created on Game Boy hardware, and blasting through creatures made of four shades of green pixels will transport you right back to 1995.

“Hidden Gems” articles aren’t reviews or previews. They’re just short descriptions of top-tier, yet inexpensive or free, games that playWISE happens to stumble upon. You can read the article, or you can play the game for yourself.

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