Square Enix postpones Deus Ex, slashes sales expectations 92 percent

December has not been a kind month for video game developer Square Enix.  The company, known for its Final Fantasy franchise, has been facing criticism and low sales numbers during the holiday season leading up to both the delay of “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and a 92 percent reduction in earnings forecasts for the remainder of the year.

“Deus Ex,” which Joystiq describes as an “ambitious cyberpunk shooter,” was delayed until the developer’s next fiscal year, which starts in April of 2011. Square Enix explained on its corporate site that this decision did impact the sales expectations for this year but was made to allow “additional time to further polish” the title.

This desire to spend more time developing titles likely stems from the relative failure of “Final Fantasy XIV,” which is receiving the bulk of the blame for the company’s lack of profitability. The title has sold far less than expected and has failed to achieve the “level of customer satisfaction that fans of [the] FINAL FANTASY franchise have come to expect.”

In light of this, Square Enix has decided to extend the free trial period of the game until they can “present customers with a clear plan” for the title’s “new direction.” The company has also delayed the release of “Final Fantasy XIV” for PlayStation 3 “in order to include all of the improvements” being made to the current PC version.

Now is a critical moment for Square Enix, and the company clearly realizes that, if it doesn’t find a way to make its games better, it could face even worse problems than it’s seeing now. “We are now doing everything in our power to regain customers’ trust,” the company concluded in a statement on its corporate site. One can only hope that it’s not too little too late.

Image Credit: Kotaku

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