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Dungeon Defenders console release delayed, NGP development planned

Destructoid is reporting that the PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of “Dungeon Defenders,” a title receiving accolades for its Android and iPhone iterations, has been delayed according to a recent tweet from Gainesville-based developer Trendy Entertainment.

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Pokemon Typing DS is the most peculiar Pokemon game ever created

Do you know what the Nintendo DS needs?  A typing game.  That’s right.  Think “Typing of the Dead,” but make it with Pokemon.  Yeah, that sounds like a winner — and that’s exactly what to expect from “Battle & Get: Pokemon Typing DS.”

“Pokemon Typing DS” is a typing game in which players spell out the names of Pokemon and actions in order to battle in the game.  And if you think that’s strange, just wait until you hear what it comes with.

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playBACK episode three — NGP/PSP2, 3DS, 2010 sales slump, Portal 2, GDC, L.A. Noire

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PSP2 blowout: All the info on Sony’s Next Generation Portable

PSP2-NGP12 - playwisegaming.comSony officially announced the successor to the PlayStation Portable at a Japanese press conference today. The device, which is codenamed Next Generation Portable or NGP, has no official release date other than holiday 2011 and no set price point.

However, there are plenty of other details including the hardware specifications, a new interface and several games.

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Ocarina of Time and other major titles to miss 3DS launch window

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, broke the sad news to MTV yesterday that some major titles will not be released for the 3DS during the launch window announced at last week’s 3DS press conference.

“Mario, Zelda, all of those titles are coming,” said Fils-Aime. “From our perspective, we like to launch titles when they’re ready. And so they’ll be ready, they’ll be ready soon. Just not in that initial time period of late March to early June.”

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playCAST Episode Five: playWISE’s game of the year

It’s the podcast you’ve all been waiting for — the one where we reveal our game of the year! Well, even if you haven’t been waiting for it, it has undoubtedly arrived. Listen in to hear our deepest darkest thoughts on 2010’s best game. We also discuss some recent gaming news and give a few predictions for game happenings in 2011. Read on to see all the items discussed in the podcast.

Music Credit: Pseudo Kids

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UPDATED – L.A. Noire trailer leaks, reveals May 17 release date

Originally Published on Jan 22:

Publisher Rockstar was set to release the next trailer for their upcoming detective title, “L.A. Noire,”  on Monday Jan 24. By some chance of fate, the trailer has been leaked today, and other than showing even more incredible facial animations and the tiniest bit of plot details about tracking a serial killer in Los Angeles, it reveals a release date of May 17, 2011.

The trailer has been uploaded by quite a few people on YouTube, but you should watch it soon. Rockstar will inevitably be requesting their removal until they officially release it themselves.

UPDATE: Good prediction on our part. The video already appears to have been taken down, but trust us — it was glorious. We’ll update this on Monday with the new trailer.

UPDATE: The video has now been officially released by Rockstar and uploaded by IGN.