The Nintendo DS is the best-selling console in the US

DS top console - playwisegaming.comNintendo of America announced today that, according to internal figures, the Nintendo DS has sold 47 million units in the United States since hitting shelves in its original form in 2004, making it the best-selling video game console of all time.

These sales figures include all of the currently released models in the DS family — from the DS Lite to the DSi XL. Impressive already, but with a new member of the family being released this Spring in the form of the 3DS, expect these numbers to climb only further.

Joystiq points out that the closest competitor to the Nintendo DS is the Playstation 2, which, in 2009, was reported to have sold 50 million units across all of North America, not just the US.

That the best-selling console in the US is a handheld device is certainly telling. It proves that the market for handheld gaming consoles is expanding and will likely continue to do so as the variety of devices increases.  More importantly, though, it shows that the way we game is changing.

Image Source: Nintendo

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