Harmonix sold for the price of one of its games: $50

Harmonix Sold - playwisegaming.comLast month we reported that Harmonix was looking for a new home after parent company Viacom announced it would drop the game developer this year. Harmonix has now been sold to a private investment company for $49.99, the list price of its newest title, “Rock Band 3.”

It was announced this week that Columbus Nova acquired Harmonix last month for what amounts to pocket change, but that doesn’t mean Viacom is out the millions it is owed. All Things Digital reports that Viacom will “receive a $50 million tax benefit, and offload $100 million in liabilities.”

That recoups some of the losses, but, as the LA Times reports, Viacom paid $175 million for the company and invested an additional $150 million. No matter how you look at it, this is a major loss for the company.

At a loss, too, is the staff of Harmonix, who will likely face some serious internal restructuring.  With the music game market suffering as it has in the last two years, one can only hope that this major change will inspire the developer to do something other than another “Rock Band” title.


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