Resident Evil: Revelations gets face time at Nintendo World 2011

This past weekend was Nintendo World 2011, and judging by the coverage of the event, they might as well have named it “Nintendo 3DS demo extravaganza.”  While some of your favorite names were there in full force, it is the newest edition to the “Resident Evil” franchise that truly shines.

Keep reading to see a video of the game in action.

“Resident Evil: Revelations” will be the first of the series for the Nintendo 3DS, so needless to say it will incorporate the 3D technology.  “Revelations” is also one of the first games seen so far that takes full advantage of the 3DS’ enhanced graphics capability.  Rather than appearing somewhat disjointed and cartoony, the characters in “Revelations” look smooth and refined — a significant departure from what is currently available in the Nintendo DS line-up.

Another change found in this game, as reported by Destructoid, is the shooting mechanic, which requires players to switch to first person in order to shoot.

Check out the footage below of the “Revelations” presentation from Nintendo World 2011 — sorry it’s in Japanese — and be amazed.  Then be saddened that there is no announced release date yet.  Expect more information on the title after the Nintendo 3DS press conference on January 18.

Image Credit: Game Informer
Video Credit: Destructoid

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