The Last Story shows more promise than Final Fantasy in new video

The Last Story - playwisegaming.comJapanese developer, Mistwalker studios, has released a new trailer for their latest Wii game, “The Last Story.” The studio is headed by Square Enix alumnus and original Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, and he appears to be hard at work. Continue reading for more info and video.


The Final Fantasy series has been steadily dropping in quality, with the most recent title, “Final Fantasy XIV Online,” garnering some of the worst reviews the series has seen. It’s exciting to see the latest project from the master behind the older, and highly regarded, Final Fantasy titles create something entirely new, and hopefully better.

The new Japanese trailer can be seen below spotlighting the game’s main heroes; Elza, Quark, Seiren, Yuris, Jackal and Manamia; along with a few of their signature battle moves. The video shows a good amount of footage of characters walking through a quaint castle village on Ruli Island, the game’s main setting.

You can also see the game’s character customization feature which allows players to change the color of any item in their inventory as well as changes the appearance of the character as they walk through the world or interact with others in story-related cutscenes. A very small sneak peek at the game’s six-player online battle system is also given.

Unfortunately, the game has yet to be announced for an American release, but it’s being published by Nintendo rather than a third-party publisher, so chances are pretty good that it will arrive state-side.


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