Capcom Mobile copies ‘Splosion Man, anger ensues

The line between homage and plagiarism can be a tricky one indeed. Major gaming company Capcom discovered this in what can now only be described as the debacle surrounding their release of “MaXplosion,” which is available on the App Store for Apple’s major mobile devices.


It did not take very long  after its January 6th release for gamers to instantly recognize strong parallels between said game and independent studio Twisted Pixel’s hit “‘Splosion Man,” which was launched for the Xbox Live Arcade in the summer of 2009 — the similarities between the two are striking. Both titles ostensibly involve escaping from a laboratory teeming with mad scientists and feature grinning red protagonists who joyfully detonate themselves into the air as a replacement for the traditional platformer jump mechanic.

The ensuing aftermath of the game’s release has seen statements from both Twisted Pixel and Capcom. Mike Henry of Twisted Pixel has equated the game to outright theft via Twitter, while Michael Wilford has told Joystiq that his company is “definitely not going to pursue legal action” due to limited resources and a desire to maintain focus on developing games.

On Twitter, Wilford laments the increased publicity and sales “MaXplosion” has received due to the controversy, while noting that Capcom itself passed up on the opportunity to publish “‘Splosion Man” when pitched by Twisted Pixel. For their part, Capcom has stated that the Capcom Mobile division was unaware of the fact that “‘Splosion Man” was pitched to the company while noting that they are “saddened” by the situation.

As of this writing, “MaXplosion” has still not been removed from the App Store or Capcom Mobile’s website. Twisted Pixel is slated to release “Ms. ‘Splosion Man” in Fall 2010.

Image Credit: Capcom Mobile, Apple App Store

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