Japanese demo for Catherine available next week

Catherine - playwisegaming.comGame publisher and developer Atlus’ most recent game, “Catherine,” will be receiving a demo on the Japanese PlayStation Network and Xbox Live next week. Anyone who wants to try the game out simply needs to set up a Japanese PSN or XBL account in order to download the free demo.

This will mark the first next-gen, hi-def release from Atlus Persona Team, the development studio responsible for “Persona” and now “Catherine.” All of the team’s previous games have been turn-based RPGs, which are drastically different than the platforming action shown in the most recent “Catherine” trailer.

The game centers around the commitmentphobic protagonist, Vincent, who’s feeling pressured by his girlfriend, Katherine, to ask her hand in marriage. While contemplating this dilemma, he meets another girl, Catherine, who he immediately hits it off with.

After this fateful meeting, he begins having strange nightmares that contain the absurd scenes of talking sheep-men and death-thwarting stair climbing that can be seen in the trailer. These nightmares are tied to a string of deaths in Vincent’s neighborhood where people who have them die in their sleep.

Hopefully, the demo next week can shed a little light on the game’s mysterious ways.

Image/Video Credit: Atlus

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