A flood of Final Fantasy trailers

FF XIII - playwisegaming.comSquare Enix recently held their first Production Premiere wherein they revealed the future of some of their franchises with Final Fantasy at the forefront. “Final Fantasy XIII” was the first release in what originally was planned as a series of titles under the Fabula Nova Crystalis heading, so what’s the status on the others?

First off, “Final Fantasy XIII-2” has been officially announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The video didn’t reveal much, but it looks to be a direct sequel with Lightning remaining the lead character.  Dressed up in knightly armor, she encounters a dark rival, or perhaps a new ally?  Check it out at the official site. Hopefully Square Enix will bring back some of the tropes that made Final Fantasy a classic.

Next up is “Final Fantasy Agito XIII,” which has now been renamed to “Final Fantasy Type-0.”  The developer stated at the Premiere that he feels it no longer has much to do with “Final Fantasy XIII,” hence the new title. The trailer shows off some CGI as well as in game content, and a lot of content it must be since this PlayStation Portable game will reside on two UMDs.

Finally, “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” has been confirmed to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The new trailer retreads some old cutscene footage, but moves on to some amazing in-game graphics displaying action-packed real-time combat. This game looks very promising with its mix of real world environments and fantastical weapons and creatures, evoking memories of “Final Fantasy VII.” Check it out at this Final Fantasy fansite.

My main question is, why does “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” retain the Roman numeral when its style is the most removed from “Final Fantasy XIII?”

Image Credit: Originals by Square Enix
Compiled by Jake Woodard

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