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FortressCraft coming to Xbox Live Indie Games, looks eerily similar to Minecraft

Independent studio Projector Games is developing “FortressCraft” for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform, but the game looks like something we’ve seen before. But if you can’t play “Minecraft” on your computer — or if you just want to get that “Minecraft” experience on a console — then perhaps “FortressCraft” is for you.

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Video and text review — NightSky (PC)

“NightSky” is a new game from independent game studio Nicalis, best known for their work on the WiiWare version of “Cave Story.”

Those familiar with their version of Pixel’s masterpiece likely won’t find much familiarity in the world of “NightSky,” a puzzle-platform hybrid that demands mastery of the physics of a rolling ball.

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Okamiden demo available on Nintendo Channel

okamiden- playwisegaming.comCapcom’s second release in the Okami series, “Okamiden,” will be available for the Nintendo DS on March 15, but you can play it today. The well-hidden Nintendo Channel on the Wii holds the key to unlocking this painterly pearl of a DS demo.

Although the demo is disappointingly short, it certainly captures the essence of the game. It seems extremely similar to the PlayStation 2 version, but hopefully when the full game is released, there will be a few new gameplay elements to satiate even the strongest celestial-brush desires.

The full process for downloading the demo is detailed below.

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72-inch painting celebrates 25 years of Zelda

zelda25 - playwisegaming.comBelow is an incredibly detailed 72-inch Zelda painting by Japanese artist Ag+. It was released just in time for the 25th year anniversary of the Zelda franchise, and it contains just about every major character from the series.

It’s worth taking a moment to pick out all the intricately woven details of the piece in remembrance of all the years of gaming  Zelda has provided over the years. After admiring the details, you can see the entire construction of the piece in the included video. All of the characters in the image are listed below; can you find them all?

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playVIEWS — Game tester says he does have “real” job

Obliterating hordes of goblins with mana bombs, spike blockades and lightning towers is serious business.

Just ask Marc Singer, 21-year-old quality assurance lead for Gainesville, Fla., game studio Trendy Entertainment. He’s currently working 60 hours a week to squash the bugs and iron out the glitches in Trendy’s latest title, “Dungeon Defenders,” through a process known as playtesting.

It’s Singer’s job to play videogames and report to the development team any problems he finds, but he initially had a hard time convincing his parents that he had an actual job at all.

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Nintendo 3DS will not be accepting Nintendo Point Cards, still wants your money

With the Nintendo 3DS launching in a little over a month, you might be thinking about stocking up on some Nintendo Points, the Nintendo currency that can currently be used to purchase content for the Wii and the DSi.  You might want to re-think that idea.

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PlayStation Phone is Xperia Play, requires repurchasing PSN content

This week, Sony finally unveiled its PlayStation phone, called Xperia Play.  According to a Sony Ericsson press release, “XperiaTM PLAY combines a PlayStation-quality gaming experience with the very latest Android smartphone technology.”  While the list of features is extensive, Xperia Play does have one disappointing feature.

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