Sony officially reveals PlayStation Phone as Xperia Play

Xperia Play - playwisegaming.comAfter months of leaked images and videos, Sony has finally officially revealed their PlayStation Phone with its real title of Xperia Play.

A strange commercial for the device was aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 6 giving very little information about the phone other than its existence. You can check out the horrifically creepy teaser below.

While this commercial airing during the Super Bowl certainly lets plenty of people know it exists, it does very little to actually show off the device. However, it does a good job showing off how strange Sony’s marketing team is.

According to Sony’s Facebook page for the Xperia, additional information for the device will be given on Feb. 13 at the Mobile World Congress cell-phone convention.

The Android-based phone is a joint venture of hardware development by Sony and Ericsson, and it will have the ability to play certain PlayStation games as well as the usual phone functionalities.

Image Credit: Sony Ericsson

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