Seedy underbelly of L.A. Noire’s gameplay exposed in lengthy new trailer

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After viewing Team Bondi’s recently released trailer for the upcoming detective action-adventure title, “L.A. Noire,” very little investigating is needed to decipher what exactly this game is all about.

The video does an incredible job of detailing all the minutia of the game, from chasing criminals down a dark alleyway to full-on interrogation of suspects. Continue reading to see the three-and-a-half-minute video orientation in action.

I’ve been following “L.A. Noire” rather closely since it’s in-depth reveal in the March 2010 issue of Game Informer. Every morsel of information has me enticed in this title that seems destined to be one of the most innovative games in quite some time and a strong contender for 2011 game of the year.

This new trailer, however, jet-propels my expectations past the typical desire for Rockstar Games’ next quality release,. It gives me expectations for a brand-new style of interactive gameplay, something that’s never been done at this caliber and in such an immersive setting.

Part of my reason for holding such high expectations is quite possibly based solely on the fact that another playWISE writer, Jeremy Lloyd, and I came up with the basic premise of our own detective game in early 2007 when neither of us knew anything about “L.A. Noire.”

Just for fun, we decided to come up with what we thought would be the definitive player-choice driven game with dynamic conversations and branching paths. All of this would be set within the gritty crime-ridden streets of an American city, following the life of a lowly traffic cop making his way up the ranks to becoming a detective.

It was quite a shock to find out that some silly project Jeremy and I thought up one day while hanging out was becoming a reality — even though we had nothing to do with it.

There have been numerous times when I thought certain games would be compelling masterpieces to be remembered within the annals of gaming history, which ended up being mediocre let downs. Here’s to hoping that Team Bondi can truly meet those expectations and deliver the literal game of my dreams.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

4 Responses to “Seedy underbelly of L.A. Noire’s gameplay exposed in lengthy new trailer”

  1. February 5, 2013 at 6:56 am

    The film also takes place within two laerys of the mind in addition to what’s actually happening in reality, which makes the film feel like a less complicated version of Inception.

  2. October 4, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    The RE wheel was availiable in the DSK and DBK
    finishes with sizes ranging from 18″ to 20″. If done correctly,
    you should see folders named “F00,” “F01,”
    etc. However, Rockstar Games has decided to remain silent about what that decision may be.

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