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Huge price cuts on Xbox Live games and DLC with Extreme Shopping sale

Microsoft just launched their Extreme Shopping sale, which will be running until April 4. The sale includes discounts up to 50 percent off Xbox Live Arcade games, downloadable content and Avatar items.

Right now the half-priced items include “Monkey Island 2” and “Darwinia+” for 400 points, or $5, and “Costume Quest” for 600, or $7.50. The full “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection” has also seen a hefty reduction down to 1,000 points, or $12.50. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into this zombified DLC, there’s no longer any excuses.

Check out the official sale page and stay tuned for their special one-day sale on April 1. Hopefully, this has no correlation to April Fools’ Day. Click through to see the full list of games and prices.

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Crysis 2 single-player impressions (PC Version)

crysis2Since the success of “Modern Warfare,” the most recent string of first-person shooter games have been plagued with copy cats and stale performances. Developers have been waiting in line to try their hand at becoming a breakout success in the genre.

Coincidently, these past few years have purposed me to believe that shooters had nothing left to give and that graphics where at an all-time best. Then developer Crytek comes along and releases their sequel to the PC shooter “Crysis.” I was already prepared for the game to be good, but I never expected to be utterly blown away from what I thought was an exhausted genre.

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“The Arrival” — Mass Effect 2 DLC confirmed

Mass-Effect-2-DLC-BioWare-Unveil-3-ArrivalThe final “Mass Effect 2” DLC, titled “the Arrival,” was confirmed by EA on March 18 and will be ready for download on PSN, XBLA, and PC on March 29. If you have been itching to get back into the Normandy, or if you want to discover more about the reaper’s conspiracies, then you don’t want to miss this next expansion.

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Experience the 3DS early with Nintendo’s 3DS demo kiosk finder

We may be just a week away from the official release of the Nintendo 3DS, but if you can’t wait to see what all the hub-bub is about for yourself, Nintendo has you covered. Behold the Nintendo 3DS kiosk locator, which helps you locate your closest Nintendo 3DS kiosk and give the system itself a try with your own hands and, of course, eyes.

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Minecraft to get canine companions

With every Minecraft update comes something new and unexpected, and Beta update 1.4 is certainly going to be no exception.  While the 1.4 update isn’t out yet, Notch revealed on his blog that a new mob is in development: wolves!

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Catherine receives North American release date and easy mode update

catherine - playwisegaming.comUpdate Easy mode to make it “Super Easy” then send it to North America?

Atlus has unveiled plans to bring “Catherine” to North America starting July 26, 2011 through two sales giants, Amazon and GameStop.

An update on March 9 that added “Super Easy” mode stirred up talks if “Easy” mode really needed to be made easier. The full update is detailed below.

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Five minutes of Fez

fez - playwisegaming.comFez” sports creative puzzle-platforming with a 2-D plane-swapping action a la “Super Paper Mario.” It’s difficult to describe that 2-D/3-D plane-switching ability without seeing it, but luckily the game’s developer, Polytron, has provided us with a beefy, five-minute trailer full of gameplay, which you can find after the jump.

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