PAX log — Saturday/playCAST PAX special episode three

PA makes a strip - playwisegaming.comInternet access has been sparse on this fine Saturday of PAX. Therefore, I bring it to you all in one lump sum of greatness. Enjoy the pictures, podcast and accompanying links all found after the jump.




Show notes:

The new Penny Arcade strip, which was created live at PAX, should be arriving here shortly.

“Minecraft” creator and Penny Arcade collaboration “Scrolls.”

“Deus Ex: Human Revolution” extended trailer.

PvP” web comic.

Indie Xbox Live Arcade game “Bastion“.

The beautiful “Witcher 2

The “F1 2010” racing chair demo was being run by Maingear.

In-depth MMORPG “Star Wars: The Old Republic

8-bit 2-D platformer “Fez.”

Correction: I said Kris Straub was one of the creators of PvP. He’s not. On occasion, he does work with Scott Kurtz, the solitary creator of “PvP.”

Music Credit: Pseudo Kids

Listen to the podcast in iTunesDownload the episode directly


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