The Aftermath: Saying goodbye to PAX

Goodbye PAX - playwisegaming.comThe exodus has occurred. As the throngs of vehement gamers and passionate players trudged their way through the revolving doors of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Sunday evening for their final treks to countless busses and trains routed for various airports and highways, it dawned on me. Never in my life have I witnessed such a fervent living body of humans gather in adoration and rally over a common bond.


There was something tangible in the air that I’d just begun to grasp as my three days of bliss came to an end. As those planes carry away the denizens into the four faceless corners of the earth, the concentrated air of understanding that permeates PAX begins to dissipate into the workweeks and hectic schedules of everyday life.

The regal knight with the Pandora Handheld will become just another unknown tech geek, along with the cosplaying “Minecrafters” who take off their masks to become a couple of obscure “DIYers” in an Etsy culture of creators. Life begins again and we unknowingly denounce our network out of necessity for the machine’s cogs to lock back into place and turn smoothly once again.

Minecrafters at PAX - playwisegaming.com

PAX offers exclusive access to the latest games that every self-respecting gamer is dying to get their hands on and the highest caliber information sessions covering the gambit of topics from specific game’s mechanics to the very mechanics of the gaming job market. However, the true gem of this gaming conference has nothing to do with the games.

The community of gamers across the globe receives a jolt of self-awareness twice a year through PAX East and Prime, and it’s the defibrillator of cognition that the community craves and, ultimately, needs to thrive.

As all of us PAX Easterners stare at the jam-packed Google calendars of our upcoming week through the bleary sheen of sleep that invariably accumulated from Friday to Sunday, let us remember the cacophonous sounds of the exhibition hall. Let us never forget the gasoline station caliber meals at prime steakhouse prices that we all had to endure.

Let us respect and admire the enforcers who crammed us into the the seats of the Grand ballroom and dashed our hopes of entering the Wyvern Theater for the fourth time in a row. Let us remember the lines — oh the lines — all of which were worth enduring for the quality experiences that directly followed.

But most importantly, we must never forget each other — the thriving community that is, and always will be, the true star of PAX.

1 Response to “The Aftermath: Saying goodbye to PAX”

  1. 1 PW fan
    April 14, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    What a great article! Fantastic use of language!! Miss Iketani would be sooo proud!

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