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Free Portal 2 DLC coming soon

Portal 2 DLC - playwisegaming.comThe first downloadable content, creatively labeled “DLC #1,” for first-person puzzler “Portal 2” will be free and is arriving this summer, developer Valve announced via press release yesterday.

The free pack will include the expected additional test chambers along with leaderboards, a challenge mode for both single and multiplayer and more. What the “more” portion of “DLC #1” actually is remains a mystery.


PlayStation Network down for the next two days

If you’ve turned on your PlayStation 3 recently, you may have noticed the inability to access any features of the PlayStation Network.

Official word from Sony’s blog is that the outage, which is affecting North American, Australian and Asian regions, may last for about two days.

There has been speculation that hacker group “Anonymous” had a hand in this outage due to a previous attacks on Sony’s services. However, a member of the group claimed that “Anonymous” has no connection to the outages.

“ATTENTION: For everyone coming here complaining about the PSN or inquiring about it, We Do Not Know What Happened,” a member wrote on the group’s Facebook wall. “This is not the work of Anonymous.”

So, kiss those dreams of “Portal 2” online co-op goodbye as you stare at the 80710A06 error mocking you from your television screen.

UPDATE: There is still no official word on when the service will be running again. However, the Sony blog now states that an “external intrusion” was the cause of these outages. Who or what caused the attacks is still unknown at this point. This may be a good time to play a few single-player games.


Press conference showcases Witcher 2 gameplay, Witcher 1 for $5

The Witcher” will be $5 on from May 10-24, and, once released, “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” will have an optional registration process that will provide those who take part with free DLC. This information was announced in a joint press conference today held by CD Projekt RED and
Thomasz Gop, a senior producer for CD Projekt RED, started off the conference by reiterating that “The Witcher 2,” which will be released worldwide on May 17, is a game that takes advantage of its platform.

Dawn of Discovery heads for the future in Anno 2070

Anno2070 - playwisegaming.comKiss the kings and colonies of yesteryear goodbye. The Anno series, an RTS world-sim known as “Dawn of Discovery” in America, is headed for the year 2070.

“Anno 2070” will be set in the near future, but will still retain the traditional world-building mechanics of the previous entries in the series. With the last game being set an ominous 666 years earlier, it’s safe to say this will be a pretty big leap for the franchise.

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Developers provide gamers with charity opportunities

Playing games and saving lives

Videogames that provide more than entertainment

charity - playwisegaming.comVideogames can be played to escape reality, but recently they’ve been used to impact it in tangible ways. Games don’t have to be self-centered, and a few visionaries are making it possible to use gaming for giving.

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