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The quick skinny: May 22-28 in videogames

quickskinny2-playwisegaming.comHave you been lazing about all week, ignoring the latest gaming news? We knew it! Well, this one’s for all you lazybones.

May 23:

Sony loses $173 million to hacks

  • Sony revised their projected earnings for the fiscal year to reflect a $173 million loss caused by the PlayStation Network hack.

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The quick skinny: May 15-21

quick skinny - playwisegaming.comPlayWISE doesn’t always have time to report on every piece of game news throughout the week. Unfortunately, there are some weeks we may not have time to post at all. Fear not faithful readers; this week we’re introducing a digest of all the week’s gaming news we deem fit for consumption but were unable to cover throughout the week. Read onward to the first installment of our “Quick Skinny.”

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The psychosis of Niko Bellic part one

Niko Bellic - playwisegaming.comBelow is the first part of an analytic look at the mental well-being of “Grand Theft Auto IV’s” main character, Niko Bellic. It was written for an abnormal psychology class, therefore reference to outside materials might be helpful in fully deciphering its meaning. However if you’re feeling lazy, you can generally use the context of the essay to extract most of its meaning. Let the psychoanalysis begin.

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Learn more about “Witcher 2” women
The next installment in CD Projekt Red’s Witcher saga is close but still seems oh so far away. The developer has provided a few details surrounding the motivations and desires of the scheming ladies from “The Witcher 2.” Read onward to learn a little more about the women of “The Witcher 2” to tide you over for the next 10 grueling days of waiting for the actual game.

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playCAST Episode Seven: Kill Osama for yourself

PlayCAST is back after a brief hiatus. We get a little political in this edition, albeit rather briefly.  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 00:45 — 3DS impressions and headaches
  • 05:14 — Wii 2 speculation and rumors
  • 16:22 — PSN down along with SOE
  • 24:17 — The Witcher 2 excitement
  • 29:36 — Mass Effect 3 details,  novels, comic books, DLC and more
  • 46:00 — Crysis 2 thoughts and lack of servers
  • 53:46 — Portal 2 thoughts on singleplayer, co-op and “sequel-ness”
  • 64:22 — Osama bin Laden’s effect on games, and how you too can kill him
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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Sony offers free services but announces yet another hack attack [Update]

Kaz Hack - playwisegaming.comSony will be reinstating a limited number of PlayStation Network services within the next week and offering free PlayStation Plus subscriptions to users affected by their recent hacker-induced loss of service, Sony announced in a press release.

However, earlier this morning, Sony announced that the Sony Online Entertainment branch of their Internet services was also hacked, causing the release of 24.6 million additional users’ information and more than 12,700 credit cards. “EverQuest,” “Free Realms,” “DC Universe Online,” several Facebook games and other online titles are all currently unplayable due to this attack.

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