The quick skinny: May 15-21

quick skinny - playwisegaming.comPlayWISE doesn’t always have time to report on every piece of game news throughout the week. Unfortunately, there are some weeks we may not have time to post at all. Fear not faithful readers; this week we’re introducing a digest of all the week’s gaming news we deem fit for consumption but were unable to cover throughout the week. Read onward to the first installment of our “Quick Skinny.”

May 15:

Mass Effect 3 same sex

May 16:

Free PS3 Games

  • Sony has detailed their welcome back package, which is meant as consolation for their month-long PSN outage. It includes, among other things, free games like “inFamous” and “Wipeout+HD Fury.”

May 17:

PSP Phone releases in US

  • The Xperia Play, or PlayStation Phone, will be available on May 26 for $200 through Verizon Wireless.

May 18:

360 failures after firmware

Art games get Government funding

Portal 2 makes orphans cry

May 19:

Modern Warfare 3 world premiere

  • A “Modern Warfare 3” world premiere was announced on the game’s Facebook page. The trailer will air May 23 during game four of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN.

Minecraft’s new dimension

  • Minecraft will receive a fully fleshed out sky dimension. This was confirmed by the game’s creator, Markus Persson, on Twitter.

Decent FPS in LBP2

Ocarina of Time 3DS release trailer

Free 360s

Yet another Sony hack

  • Sony’s PSN password reset site contains an exploit that requires only the email address and date of birth to reset a user’s password. Meaning anyone with that information, including the people who stole all the information in the initial PSN hack, could have changed your password without you knowing it. The site is now being reworked to fix this exploit.

PS3s and L.A. Noire on the fritz

Double XP on PSN

  • Players can receive double XP for both “Call of Duty Black Ops” and “Killzone 3” on PS3 this weekend.

May 20:

Yet ANOTHER Sony hack

  • Sony-run internet provider So-Net was hacked, and $1,224 of virtual currency was stolen.

Witcher 2 troubles and fixes

  • Many PC gamers have had trouble installing and running “The Witcher 2.” A patch will be arriving next week to fix these issues, but the developer has provided a few workarounds.

More Wii 2 controller rumors

  • More details on the rumored forward facing camera of supposedly miraculous Wii 2 controller.

Picture of Wii 2 leaked

  • There has been a possible image leak of the next Nintendo console.

Dragon Age 3 confirmed

  • A Bioware employee confirmed “Dragon Age 3” on Twitter.

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  1. 1 faithful follower
    May 29, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Just wondering-do I want a PSP phone?? What are the benefits??

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