The quick skinny: May 22-28 in videogames

quickskinny2-playwisegaming.comHave you been lazing about all week, ignoring the latest gaming news? We knew it! Well, this one’s for all you lazybones.

May 23:

Sony loses $173 million to hacks

  • Sony revised their projected earnings for the fiscal year to reflect a $173 million loss caused by the PlayStation Network hack.

360 going 3-D

  • A Microsoft source told Eurogamer that the 360 will be receiving an update that will allow the console to play games in stereoscopic 3-D. More details are to be announced at E3.

Microsoft teases E3 Halo reveal

  • Microsoft’s E3 press passes contained a few choice words teasing at announcements for “Halo,” “Portal,” “Tomb Raider,” “Batman,” “Gears of War” and “Star Wars.”

PS3 getting rematered PSP games

May 24:

Duke Nukem Forever actually published

  • According to developer Gearbox Software, “Duke Nukem Forever,” which has been in development since 1997, has finally “gone gold” — meaning, the game has been sent off to be manufactured. The game will release in North America on June 14.

Minecraft receives in-game map

  • Minecraft has been updated to version 1.6 with the most notable change being an in-game map that tracks where you have travelled in the world. This will be perfect for those all-too-common moments when you realize you have no clue where you are. The full details for the patch can be found here.

May 25:

Portable Minecraft

  • The Xperia Play, or PlayStation Phone, will have a timed exclusive release of “Minecraft.” More of the game will be shown at E3, but you can view a snippet of the game in action here.

Max Payne 3 and Agent still in development

  • Agent,” a PS3 exclusive initially announced at E3 2009, and “Max Payne 3” are both currently in development, publisher Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed in an investor call. There was speculation that “Agent” had become “L.A Noire” but this is evidence against those claims.

Witcher 2 rated for 360

  • The ESRB has released a rating for an Xbox 360 version of “The Witcher 2.” This version has yet to be officially announced by the game’s developer, CD Project RED. More info should be revealed at E3.

Android home console announced

  • Tech company Envisions has announced the EVO2, an Android-based home console. The device is intended to let you play any Android marketplace game on your television with a controller.

Hothead making Hitchiker’s Guide game

  • Developer Hothead Games has begun work on a “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” videogame. Few details are known at this point but an official website has surfaced.

Retro City Rampage gameplay trailer

  • “Retro City Rampage,” an Xbox Live and WiiWare downloadable game, received a new trailer showcasing the game’s signature 8-bit styled open-world gameplay.

May 26:

PS4 in the works

  • Sony has begun the research and development for their next console, Executive Vice President Masaru Kato said on a conference call to investors. The console mentioned is presumably the PlayStation 4.

PSP2 specs cut back

  • It has been rumored by French tech site 01.net that Sony’s PSP2, or NGP, has had it’s initially announced hardware specs reduced in order to cut costs and remain competitive with the 3DS. There has been no official word from Sony on this matter.

No Dirt 3 multiplayer on PS3

  • “Dirt 3” requires activation of a passcode through the PSN store in order to play online multiplayer. The store is, unfortunately, still down due to the largely publicized PSN hack. PS3 owners will be playing stag until Sony can remedy the issue, which they’re claiming will happen by the end of the month.

Uncharted film loses director

  • The film adaptation of “Uncharted” lost director David O. Russell due to his abandonment to most of the game’s plot and characters in his script. Sony Pictures will be bringing on a new director and writer to continue with the project.

May 27:

Sony stereo headset announced

  • Sony announced via PlayStation Blog that it will be releasing a new stereo wireless headset with 7.1 virtual surround. It is expected to hit retail for $100 in Sept.

No Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3

  • Hideo Kojima said in the latest edition of Kojima Productions Podcast there will be no “Metal Gear Solid 5” announcements at E3 this year. He also said that “MGS4” will not be ported to NGP and that “MGS” for the 3DS will be released by the end of this year.

May 28:

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer leaked

  • A short teaser trailer for Blizzard’s upcoming expansion on “StarCraft II,” “Heart of the Swarm,” has been leaked to the internet.

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