The psychosis of Niko Bellic part two

niko bellic - playwisegaming.comThis is a continuation of a previous feature article written for a psychology class. Read on to learn how to treat Niko Bellic of “Grand Theft Auto IV” of his abnormal psychology. 

In order to help Bellic, I plan on starting him off on antipsychotics in order to curb some of the more acute Type I symptoms.

Behavioral treatment should also begin right away, and hopefully I can have a few joint therapy sessions with both Niko and Roman. If I have multiple family members involved, the treatment plans I administer may be more closely and willingly followed.

Unfortunately, Bellic’s schizophrenia appears to be a chronic disorder, and it may be only one of many undiagnosed clinical disorders swimming around in his distorted grey matter. However, it appears to be the most prominent one.

The second Axis, personality disorders, helps to label the underlying type of personality Bellic may have that contributes to his behavior. Again, this is an area where Bellic may suffer from multiple disorders given his track record.

Bellic’s violent acts all seem to point to antisocial personality disorder. He’s killed hundreds and hundreds of people, and it seems like he only occasionally takes the time to consider his actions. Even after consideration, he typically kills anyone he sees as an obstacle to his goals.

The most astonishing element to all of his crimes is the fact that he constantly outruns or evades law enforcement. Somehow, he always manages to slip the surly bonds of jail with no recourse for his actions other than a hefty fine and the confiscation of whatever weapons he may have on him at the time — temporary setbacks for a motivated psychopath such as Bellic.

There also seems to be a touch of narcissistic personality disorder to Bellic. He seems to think he is the lead character in his world of crime, considering no one but himself. The “missions” that he has mentioned in the past seem to always lead to him benefiting from the misfortunes of others, something that he says is the unavoidable structure of his life.

Much of Bellic’s personality disorders seem to stem from his involvement in the Yugoslav wars. He joined the fighting as a child, and committed heinous acts of abuse and destruction against entire villages of innocent people.

During his time in the war, Bellic was betrayed by one of his own squadmates, which led to the killing of most of his army unit and a near-death experience for Bellic. He’s since devoted part of his life to tracking down the offending member of his squad to find the answer to why he did this. Bellic’s hatred urges him on to find this former soldier, but more importantly, his time in the war desensitized him to the reprehensible crimes that he now commits on a daily basis.

Bellic now blames most of his more heinous crimes on this backstabbing squadmate, and takes little responsibility for his own actions. This will prove to be a large obstacle in the way of effectively treating him, but I want to encourage his involvement in psychotherapy. Maybe then he will begin to realize the acts of atrocity he is committing against the people around him. Failing that, I may have to start him on SSRIs to curb his more violent desires.

The third Axis, general medical conditions, might not have a direct correlation to Bellic’s behaviors, but it could help reveal the state of his mental health. If the patient is abusing any drugs this could also help prevent a negative interaction between substances.

I assumed from Bellic’s stories about his life that he was a habitual drug abuser. However, he only occasionally drinks because he is so wrapped up in his “missions.” This may be the only truly positive effect his schizophrenia has had on his life. Other than the occasional scrapes and bruises from reckless behavior, Bellic is physically fit.

The fourth Axis, psychosocial and environmental problems, helps describe the interactions Bellic has with his surroundings. Bellic’s problems in this realm are so numerous and complex that the list of specific problems he has could fill an unimaginable number of medical journals. The only real way to sum these up nicely is to say that Bellic has problems with every social system that American society has put in place for modern humanity — Bellic has problems with everything.

The fifth Axis, global assessment of functioning, is a number based on a 100 point scale. The highest scoring individuals are upstanding, well-adjusted citizens, while those on the opposite end of the spectrum are at constant risk of harming themselves or those around them.

I can confidently say that Bellic rates a solid five out of 100 on that scale. He is the meaning of maladaptive behavior. Bellic is the perfect picture of abnormal psychology. Bellic could keep psychoanalysts in business from now until the end of the ages. He reminds me why lobotomies were once a common practice.

It seems at this point, there is little else I can do except to have him admitted into a psychiatric ward of some derelict asylum. I will likely be studying this man for some time to come.

Axis synopsis:
Axis I: Schizophrenia
Axis II: Antisocial and narcissistic personality disorder
Axis IV: Problems with everything
Axis V: Global functioning 5

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  1. June 10, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Seth,You are probably right about the sneipr rifle (I realized that a few weeks after making this article), and I just used a typical combat shotgun for my example. The point was to show to show how much of an absurd amount of weight Niko can carry while performing amazing acrobatic stunts and running for tens of miles at a time. In truth, even the strongest man wouldn’t be able to waddle with that load, to say nothing of the volume required. Thanks for the comments!

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