E3 2011 predictions and dreams: Microsoft

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Microsoft has a lot to live up to as top dog in the console market. They could completely wow their fans at this year’s E3 or bust entirely. Keep reading to see what playWISE thinks will, should and won’t happen at the E3 2011 Microsoft press conference.

Microsoft had better …

Show the next Halo project
Halo 1 HD remake, Halo 4 or both!?
It’s no surprise that Halo is one of Microsoft’s largest franchises, but it’s initial developer, Bungie, has left “Team Gates” for greener pastures. So, E3 would be the perfect place to show off the new Halo development team’s latest work.

Announce tons of other games
Some third-party, some first-party, all fun-party!
As far as we can tell, Microsoft has no new hardware to show off at this conference. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the conference will be jam-packed with game announcements — but will they be good game announcements? Tune in to find out.

Announce new Xbox Live features
Turn my Xbox into a DVR please.
Microsoft has been fairly good about releasing new features for Xbox Live and this year shouldn’t be anything different. Just a few big announcements in this category will secure their spot once again as the online champions.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Show the next Lionhead game
Oh Milo, where art thou?
“Fable III” released with mixed reviews and left everyone still waiting to see all the promises of the Fable universe come to life. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to show a completely new IP from Lionhead Studio and let Fable take its long needed rest.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Microsoft probably should …

Mention the next Xbox console
We’ve got your Funbox right here, Mr. Hawk.
It’s unlikely that the next Xbox will be released within the upcoming year. However, Microsoft may feel the need to let the public know that they, like Nintendo, are working on their next home console. If it is mentioned, there will be very little information given other than the fact that it exists.

Reveal more details on core Kinect games
Now you can cut Skittles head off!
Now that game studios have likely had Kinect dev kits for at least two years, we should start seeing a few hardcore Kinect games hitting store shelves. There is a good chance of this happening since a Star Wars game, “Forza 4,” and “Mass Effect 3” werer all previously announced or rumored to have some degree of “Kinect-ivity.”

Show mostly on-stage demos
CGI cutscenes have been banished to The Nether.
One thing that gets gamers excited is actual gameplay. Last year Microsoft had a good amount of on-stage demos that seemed to work very well in keeping the media’s attention. Gameplay, rather than trailers, is an honest way to demonstrate what to expect from games that are still in development.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Show that Rare can still make games
“Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2”? We can only dream.
Microsoft spent a fortune to acquire the company Rare and still hasn’t released a successful game from the developer. Despite the fact that most of Rare’s former employees have left the company, Microsoft still needs to capitalize on their investment and give gamers a taste of what Rare used to be capable of.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Microsoft would make all my dreams come true if …

They announced a handheld console
Will we meet the Xboy?
Microsoft has really tried their darnedest to carve a space for handheld gaming in the smart phone market. They’ve failed. It would be great to see a handheld device from them with a focus on gameplay rather than a cell phone operating system.

I got to see “Voodoo Vince”
Want to beat the boss? Just set yourself on fire!
I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot in my heart for quirky platformers, and Voodoo Vince perfectly fits the mold. It was an Xbox exclusive released in 2003 that included intentionally damaging the voodoo doll main character, Vince, in order to hurt enemies. I would love to see a sequel or even an HD remake, but I highly doubt I ever will.

They fully announce a new console for fall 2012
This time, leave the launch trailers with jump-roping children at home.
I know this would be highly unlikely, and I would have a better chance at winning the lottery, but my PC is looking better and better each day. In another year’s time, developers are really going to have to push the limits of this 6-year-old hardware to keep it current and fresh.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

They show more RPGs
We want more roles in our play.
RPGs seem to be a dying breed these days. When you do finally get your hands on one, it’s more like the leftover remains of something eaten by the casual gamer. Companies like BioWare and Bethesda have proven that RPGs can be current as long as they are done right.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Random E3 Dreams

  • Gameplay shown from “Half Life 3”
  • Some reveal for “Grand Theft Auto V”

See what wee think will happen at Sony’s and Nintendo’s press conferences.

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