E3 2011 predictions and dreams: Sony

Sony E3 11 Prediction - playwisegaming.com
Sony hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to its recent press conferences. The company is going to need to showcase more than just numbers if they want to overshadow the major console announcement Nintendo has and beat the odds after its recent PSN debacle. Keep reading to see what playWISE thinks will, should and won’t happen at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference.

Sony had better …

Give out all the details on the PSP2/NGP
499 USD is a small price to pay for … Wait, what?!
With 3G, a back-facing touch screen and PS3-rivaling graphics, the next PSP is going to be a doozy. But we still don’t have an official release date or any hint of a price tag. Hopefully, Sony will also show off a few more games and tell us which ones are actually launch titles.

Show more Move games
Their lack of support for this peripheral is Moving
The Move would easily win the motion-games competition … if there were any games that supported it. It would behoove Sony to show a healthy list of Move-enabled games at this year’s E3 because the list is currently rather emaciated.

Show what their plans are for the Xperia Play
A smart phone with buttons. Mind altering.
The Xperia Play could be a powerful handheld console in the phone market — even more than the NGP. Sony needs to announce games for the system and fix any issues with downloading games you have already purchased on your PSN account.

Give us more than PlayStation Home
|\|() |\/|()|23 |-|4<|<$.
Sony is far behind Microsoft in the online arena and seems to be losing speed daily. PlayStation Home originally wowed the masses, but it didn’t deliver on its promises. Announcing new plans for the PSN, and apologizing how poorly Sony handled its recent hacking, is a must at this E3.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Sony probably should …

Mention the next PlayStation
You’ll be R&D’ing my fist if I don’t get that PS4 news.
Sony mentioned in an investor call that it was currently putting research and development into its next home console. It would be great if we could hear a thing or two about its current development in their upcoming press conference.

Give a release date for “The Last Guardian”
When can we test-drive that eagle/dog/dragon thingy?
Sony has flaunted Team Ico’s latest game, “The Last Guardian,” at what feels like every game conference known to man, but we have yet to see a solid release date for the title. With six years since the studio’s last title, “Shadow of the Colossus,” it’s a wonder the gaming community hasn’t begun rioting.

Leave all the numbers at home and focus on the current generation
Ever heard of investor calls?
Every E3, Sony seems to waste too much time talking about older systems and financial numbers, which are boring to say the least. I mean, who really cares if the PS2 is still selling more units than Justin Beiber is t-shirts.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Announce another price cut
You should probably just start giving them away.
The recent bad publicity that Sony has experienced because of security issues isn’t the best selling point for newcomers. This, compiled with the recent sales of the already cheaper 360 and Wii, gives Sony a reason to stay competitive, and a price cut would do the trick.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Sony would make all my dreams come true if …

They showed Move games that make it purchase-worthy
Great hardware + Lame games = No sales
Hardware is nothing without entertaining games, and the Move is no exception to this rule. The few games that do support Move use it in lackluster ways. Here’s to hoping we’ll see a few games at E3 that would actually be fun to play with the Move.

They showed off the next game from “Heavy Rain” director David Cage
Call me crazy, but I think David Cage has a few good ideas knocking around in that old noggin of his. “Heavy Rain” was one of my top games from last year, and I would love to see Sony showcase his next work. However, “Heavy Rain” isn’t exactly a system-seller, so the chances of seeing David Cage’s next game on Sony’s stage is slim.

They show games for the NGP that are more than just ports.
“Little Deviants” isn’t cuttin’ it, Sony.
I want to use the NGP in ways that I wouldn’t be able to imagine. The system has massive potential to innovate and bring new gameplay elements to the handheld market, but we just haven’t seen any games that demonstrate this.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Use the PS3 advantages to show how much better it can look than the 360.
I thought you guys had a six-cell processor.
The 360 has done a great job staying on par with the PS3, mostly due to ports. “Uncharted” and a few other Sony exclusives look amazing, but I want to see Sony showcase new first-party games that make the 360 appear last gen.
(Jeremy Lloyd)

Random E3 Dreams

  • An official release date for “Fez”
  • Announce a new game in the Mass Effect universe

See what we think will happen at Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s conferences.

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