Microsoft E3 2011 conference recap: Halo 4, Minecraft and more!

MSE3Con f- playwisegaming.comMicrosoft just finished their E3 2011 press conference. Their major announcements and our entire liveblog of the event can be found below. If you missed the conference, you’ll can watch it on Gamespot soon.

The major announcements:

  • “Halo 4” out holiday of 2012
  • Halo 5 and 6 are also on the way
  • “Halo: Combat Evolved” HD remake out Nov. 15, 2011
  • “Minecraft” will be exclusively on the Xbox 360 using Kinect
  • “Mass Effect 3” and “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” will have Kinect support
  • New Lionhead game “Fable: The Journey” will have Kinect support
  • Xbox Live will be getting Bing, YouTube and live TV programming

Monday June 6, 2011

Alright, it’s time for Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference.


In about 45 minutes we’ll be seeing all of Microsoft’s gaming plans for the coming year or so.


While we wait, check out the leaked images of confirmed announcements that Joystiq posted.


It mentions “Halo 4” and “Halo: Combat Evolved” HD remake. The pictures look legit, but we’ll have to wait and find out if the announcements are real.


If you’re looking for a place to watch the conference you can see it on:

Spike TV
Xbox.com: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Community/E3

And Gametrailers will be showing some stuff prior to the start of the conference, so tune in early!

Comment From linkzawakening

halo4 what!


Tune in to Gametrailers now to see a few trailers and Pre-E3 coverage.


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announces XBLA titles Bastion, From Dust, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Toy Soldiers, Cold War and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for this year’s Summer of Arcade. All these arcade titles will be out during this summer season.


Five minutes to go!

Stoked for all the news?

 ( 0% )

NO way!

 ( 0% )

Nintendo’s will be better.

 ( 100% )
Comment From jakerock

Where’d you see the XBLA titles?


Those summer of arcade announcements were on Gametrailer’s live feed.


And the MS presser begins!


The first thing being shown is some Modern Warfare 3.


Looks like we’ll be getting a live demonstration of the game.


His controller got disconnected while playing. Nice way to start it off!


An underwater level is being shown.


It includes a couple dudes swimming around with scuba gear and a self-propelled underwater device. Dodging a few underwater mines.


They are approaching a downed water ship.


They appear to now be infiltrating a submarine.


The player is placing a mine on the underside of the sub. And boom goes the dynamite.


The player is now above water and the sub has surfaced.

Comment From Sarah

What is this anyway?


This is a live demo for Modern Warfare 3.


The player got into a firefight on top of the sub and entered through a porthole. The fighting ensues within the sub.


Appears to be some typical corridor firefights we’ve come to see in every Modern Warfare…ever.

Are you excited for Modern Warfare 3?
It’s the same crap as last year.

 ( 100% )


 ( 0% )

Never really liked it.

 ( 0% )

Alright the fighting continues and the player gets back on top of the sub and leaves in a speed boat. The fighting continues on the boat as they speed away.


The player is pursuing a target as they zoom between fighter helicopters and boats.


They jumped to a chopper and are viewing the wreckage that appears to be happening in a New York bay.


Studios Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are working together to make Modern Warfare 3. They say it will be the best one yet. The game will be out Nov 8, 2011.


Don Mattrick is on stage welcoming us all to E3!


Mattrick says families are flocking to interactive entertainment and they’ll be showing us a better way to enjoy TV and Kinect.


Tomb Raider representatives are on stage showing Team Crystal’s Xbox version of the new game.


Beginning a demo from the first section of the game. We see Lara shipwrecked and stuck in some sort of cocoon.

Comment From jakerock

Get ready for awkward spokesman.


@Jake Best part of E3


Lara falls from her hanging prison and begins stumbling through… a tomb.


Lara sees some guy sacrificed on a sick looking tribal altar. Sick as in bad.

Do you think Tomb Raider deserves a reboot.
Nah, that game is old news.

 ( 100% )

Yeah and I can’t wait.

 ( 0% )

I’ve never played Tomb Raider before.

 ( 0% )

Lara Craft is running through a series of caves, and finds a contraption with a lever.


The game appears to be similar in structure to previous entries in the series while adding a little cinematic flair. (Read: looks like Uncharted)


The demo so far has just been her running around. Through this cave and people randomly grabbing at her. They claim they are trying to help her.


She ran up a steep slope and is now outside of the cave looking across a derelict island with crashed pirate ships and airplanes. It looks like it could be something like the Bermuda Triangle.


Peter Moore on stage to talk about EA sports games.

Comment From jakerock

Silent Hill Raider


Four EA sports games will have Kinect capability. Tiger Woods, Madden Fifa and one more to announce later.


Uhh… Moore attempts a joke that bombs


Ray Muyzika on stage to talk about some Mass Effect 3!

Comment From jakerock



Earth has been taken in an all-out war. You have to take it back.


Kinect will be used in Mass Effect 3 through voice recognition.


Demo for Mass Effect 3 begins showing Shepard and teammates walking through a level. Shepard approaches Mordin.


You can use the voice recognition to ask dialogue questions and give responses.


Can use Kinect in combat to launch tactical maneuvers. you can give commands to your team mates like: “Liara move up” and they move accordingly.


A giant mech drops in front of Shepard and the demo ends right as the fight begins.


A trailer is being shown for Tom Clancy game. Appears to be CGI camera sweeping through a battlefield.


The game is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.


Ubisoft spokesman says they believe in Kinect.


And they will use it in core games via body tracking and voice recognition.


Ghost Recon demo begins. You can swipe through weapon selection with Kinect. Can also customize every detail about your guns.


Move through gun customization through voice or gesture.


You can randomize all your weapon parts to make any kind of gun you want. He demonstrates this on stage and it looks like some kind of Frankenstein AK47.


You can also tell the game to optimize it for certain parameters like range.


All future Tom Clancy games on the Xbox will use Kinect in some way.


He says Xbox will give you more TV and movies but in a simple manner.


Says he will give TV a new voice “Your own”


A new Xbox interface is being shown. It seems much more streamlined and you can operate the entire thing without touching any buttons.


It appears to be a media hub through your Xbox, similar to Windows Media Center.


YouTube is going to now be accessible through Xbox live.


Whitten says Xbox will give you all the entertainment you want made easy. Bing is on Xbox and will help you search for exactly what you’re looking for.


If you’ve been playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, you can say “Xbox LEGO” and the bing search will find everything related to LEGO.


It appears to only search through Xbox Live, not really the Internet or anything outside of Live.


Xbox Live TV will give you access to live TV broadcasts through your console.

Comment From jakerock

Like porn.


No subscription fee announced for this feature.

Would you pay for another subscription to have live broadcasts of TV through your console?
No way!

 ( 0% )


 ( 0% )

It better be included Iive Gold!

 ( 100% )

Some UFC game is coming out.


Correction, you can now watch UFC though Xbox Live and interact with other people watching the same matches.


Phil Spencer of MS Studios takes the stage.


Every game from this point on will be only on Xbox 360.


Now showing Gear of War 3.


Same trailer that was released a week or so ago.


Cliffy B. says “What’s up guys?”


Cliffy is starting a Gears 3 game demo with Ice T. … whu?


Showing a co-op demo, Cliffy and Ice are fighting some giant tentacle-wielding monster-alien thing.


Walking through a dark boat, and emerge on top of the deck. The tentacle is pursuing.


They get into a sweet looking little mech suit.


Giant alien bites the ship, and they begin shooting it in the eyes.


More shooting and aliens. Seems very similar to previous Gears gameplay.


The ship explodes, and they all jump into the water. Then Ice T. says “Bad ass.”


And apparently Ice T. has a rock band called BC that has a song about Gears of War Horde mode. I thought they would be playing the song, but I guess not.


A trailer for a new Crytek fantasy game is showing.


It uses Kinect body tracking for fighting. The game is RYSE.


A Halo trailer!


They’re talking about how Halo was revolutionary ten years ago. It’s a trailer for the HD remake of the original.


It looks to be enhanced with the “Reach” engine. There is now campaign co-op.


The official name is “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.”


Turn 10 rep takes the stage to talk about “Forza 4.”


As previously announced, it will use the Kinect. It will also have cars in it…


He’s pronouncing it like “Fortza.” Weird.


A trailer with cars is showing. It has a Kanye West song. It says it will use Kinect for voice recognition and motion tracking.


Release date is October 11 for Forza 4


Peter M. from Lionhead is on stage.


Game being shown is Fable the Journey. He wants people to feel “100 times more involved.”


CGI trailer showing. It says the age of heroes is over. Heroes are no longer born, but they are made


Same blind chick is in it as before. A demo starts that uses the Kinect to steer a horse and carriage.


The game is in first person. Fable meets Oblivion?


The person demonstrating is using his hands to cast spells and slap little goblins.


A giant troll pops out and the demo ends. Will be out in 2012.


Phil Spencer is back on stage talking about … Minecraft!


Minecraft will be on the 360 using the Kinect.


Also announces a partnership with Disney to make Dineyland Kinect game. You can explore the whole park in the game.

Would you buy a Kinect to play Minecraft on the 360?
Minecraft sucks.

 ( 0% )

Kinect sucks, I’ll use a controller.

 ( 0% )

Heck yeah, brah.

 ( 100% )

There are some children flying around in the Disney game and demonstrating some terrible acting.


Phil says, “Great job you two.”


Kids turn to each other and proclaim, “Fist bump!”


Kinect Star Wars trailer now showing.


Shows C3PO and R2D2, some aliens, some pod racing, some stormtroopers, some flying aliens, some lightsabers, etc.


OK, a game demo is being shwn of the game in action. It appears to have a ridiculous lag time between when actions happen for real and virtually.


The player is fighting various robots with force powers and a lightsaber. It truly appears unplayable with that level of lag, though.


The graphics seem to mimic the style of the Clone Wars cartoon rather than the more realistic Unleashed series.


Tim Schafer takes the stage to talk about Sesame Street. He says cookie monster taught him how to care for his body.


Showing the new game “Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.” You have to figure out how to help each monster. It sounds like a very simple adventure game for children.


A kid and adult are demonstrating the game by playing Simon says type game with the monsters.


Now they are collecting bugs out of the sky by moving their hands around.


Kinect creative director, Tsunoda, takes the stage.


Tsunoda announces Kinect fun labs. Takes advantage of the mods people have been making by hacking the Kinect. Now you can mess around with all that stuff through your Xbox without any hacking.


You can now use the Kinect to recognize your face and body to create an avatar automatically.


It captures your clothes and your face. There is tons of canned clapping the soundtrack so it sounds like everyone is stoked about it… but they’re not really.


Now demonstrating finger tracking. You can draw in the air with your fingers and draw in a three-dimensional space.


Showing being able to scan in objects into a game and put it into a game. This was demonstrated on the Kinect’s earliest trailers but never came to fruition.


That was called object capture.


Kinect Fun Lab goes live today.

Will you use Kinect fun labs?
I can’t wait for snuggles to be in my games.

 ( 0% )


 ( 0% )


 ( 100% )


 ( 0% )

Kinect Sports trailer showing.


Producer of “Kinect Sports Season 2” talking about this upcoming game. Shows off new gestures that are in the game such as swinging a golf club or using your voice to tell the game which club to use.


Now playing Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-charmed Life.” A song about crystal meth is the perfect soundtrack for Kinect body tacking.


Now showing the football game in Kinect Sports. Bad acting ensues.


Harmonix taking the stage to talk about Just Dance 2 most likely.


Sorry, “Dance Central 2” not “Just Dance.”


“Dance Central 2” will have simultaneous multiplayer dancing. Some people are now dancing to an Usher song. This is my kind of conference…


Mattrick back on stage.


Recapping the details of the show: Bing, Kinect, TV, etc.


Call of Duty DLC will be available first on the 360.


Sharing first look at a new trilogy for 360.


Trailer showing explosions and smoke in space.


Master chief is in trailer. Could it be Halo 4?


Shows master chief being sucked into giant alien ship. It is HALO4!


Halo 4 will be out holiday of 2012. According to MS this will mean there is going to be a Halo 4, 5 and 6.

Comment From jakerock

Drive your car into the living room and scan it in!


That’s it for the Microsoft presser. Thanks for joining me!

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  1. June 7, 2011 at 1:44 am

    Microsoft was clearly focused on the Kinect hardware at E3 2011.Though many cried it was like a kinect conference more than Microsoft at Los Angeles’ Galen Center, the updates were almost leaked. However, I agree that the Star wars with a kinect touch was fair enough and will work pretty well. Seems these hardcore kinect games were the highlight of the E3 press conference!

  2. June 7, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Agreed. It’s certainly good to see that Microsoft isn’t abandoning their hardware, but I’m still not convinced that it’s the right gaming experience for me. It’s hard to say without actually playing it though, so I’ll have to see.

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