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Crysis 2 single-player impressions (PC Version)

crysis2Since the success of “Modern Warfare,” the most recent string of first-person shooter games have been plagued with copy cats and stale performances. Developers have been waiting in line to try their hand at becoming a breakout success in the genre.

Coincidently, these past few years have purposed me to believe that shooters had nothing left to give and that graphics where at an all-time best. Then developer Crytek comes along and releases their sequel to the PC shooter “Crysis.” I was already prepared for the game to be good, but I never expected to be utterly blown away from what I thought was an exhausted genre.

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“The Arrival” — Mass Effect 2 DLC confirmed

Mass-Effect-2-DLC-BioWare-Unveil-3-ArrivalThe final “Mass Effect 2” DLC, titled “the Arrival,” was confirmed by EA on March 18 and will be ready for download on PSN, XBLA, and PC on March 29. If you have been itching to get back into the Normandy, or if you want to discover more about the reaper’s conspiracies, then you don’t want to miss this next expansion.

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Is EA reaching for the stars? Star Wars MMO needs 500,000 players to turn profit

Star Wars TOR - playwisegaming.comBioWare’s “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is expected to release Q2 of this year and needs a staggering 500,000 subscribers to turn a mediocre amount of profitprofit.

During a call to investors, Eric Brown, the Chief Financial Officer of Electronic Arts, said that any number of subscribers over 500,000 would be “substantially profitable, but not the kind of thing [EA] would write home about.”

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playVIEWS — Are you the Hero?

Are you the hero - playwisegaming.comThe clock reads 11:59 p.m., and I’m the only one left awake in the house. As I glance down from my TV at my controller, I notice that my palms are sweaty. Moving my eyes back to the screen, the choice is still there, staring me in the face.

Will I save this evil reaper technology that’s been plaguing the galaxy for millenia, or will I let it all be destroyed?
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review — Gran Turismo 5 (PlayStation 3)

Game developer Polyphony Digital has been crafting its masterpiece, “Gran Turismo 5,” for almost six years. After countless delays and numerous additions to this racing simulator, does the final product show this generation of racers why it’s “The Real Driving Simulator?”

Gran Turismo 5 Kyoto

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Who wants to spend 4 billion Microsoft Points?

4 billion Microsoft PointsAfter the release of “Gran Turismo 5” for the PlayStation 3, it’s only natural for us here at playWISE to load up our old copies of “Forza Motorsport 3” to see how the two differ. Instead, what we found was a rather misleading locked car in the menus for the tantalizing price of -1 Microsoft Point.

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Review — Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)

Enslaved“Enslaved: Odyssey to the West” was created by Ninja Theory, a videogame development team that is known for its PlayStation 3 title, “Heavenly Sword.” The team has progressed since its PS3 debut, but the real question is: Did Team Ninja do enough or will it just enslave your wallet this fall?

WARNING: Text beyond this point may contain spoilers!

Story: 75
“Enslaved’s” story gives a nod to a famous Chinese folklore, “Journey to the West,” with its main character Monkey, who must go through a unique journey to reach enlightenment in a fictitious world.

As the game opens, Monkey is being held captive by a group of robotic slavers on a gigantic airship. Monkey finds a way to escape his holding cell and meets up with the game’s supporting female character, Trip, who plays a major role in the story but a minor role in gameplay.

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