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After a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, independent game studio The Behemoth held a four-day fundraiser. All the revenue from downloadable content for their games “Castle Crashers” and “Alien Hominid” went to American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development. The studio matched all purchases made, effectively doubling their final donation to $58,000.

John Baez, game producer and co-founder of The Behemoth, said there wasn’t really much of a thought process behind helping Haiti other than it just “feeling right.”

“We’ve been successful,” Baez said. “Why not give a substantial amount of money to some of these groups who really need it?”

In a similar move, when The Behemoth released the Pink Knight Pack DLC on PlayStation Network, they donated all the proceeds to breast cancer research.

The Behemoth’s blog is updated regularly with news from the studio including information on all their charity plans.

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