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Nintendo E3 2011 conference recap: Wii U unveiled

NintendoE311Conf - playwisegaming.comNintendo has finally unveiled their next console, WiiU. This is an entirely new hi-def console with a tablet controller that allows streaming game content. Read the highlights and our entire liveblog of Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference below. If you missed the press conference, you can watch it now on Gamespot.

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The playWISE portal to E3 2011

UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Nintendo press conference HERE
UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Sony press conference HERE
UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Microsoft press conference HERE

E311coverage -
E3 2011 starts tomorrow, June 6, and there is a 100 percent chance that tons of videogame news will come from its tech-laden announcements. While we can say with certainty that not every single piece of E3 news will appear on playWISE, we can at least claim that all the best information from E3 might make an appearance — we don’t exactly get paid for this, so cut us some slack.

However, we know for sure that we’ll be able to liveblog the three major conferences. Below, you’ll find the conference schedules, links to our liveblogging pages with their corresponding RSS feeds, and links to the live broadcasts. Let the game announcements begin!

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E3 2011 predictions and dreams: Nintendo

Nintendo E311 Predictions -
It always seems like Nintendo is the biggest wild card at E3. They can completely destroy all hope in their next console or wow everyone with the level of innovation they manage to pack into the hardware. As the oldest player on the block, Nintendo has the farthest to fall from it’s throne made of casual games and ancient franchises. Keep reading to see what playWISE thinks will, should and won’t happen at Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference.

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E3 liveblog for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo conferences and two podcasts

E32011 - playwisegaming.complayWISE does E3 2011 in style

E3 2011 is just around the corner, and playWISE will be bringing you all the action. We’ll be liveblogging Microsoft’s press conference on June 6 at 12:30 p.m. EST, Sony’s on June 6 at 8 p.m., and Nintendo’s on June 7 at 11:30 a.m.

We’ll also be posting two podcasts to discuss our thoughts on the major press conferences and touch on the smaller ones that we’re not liveblogging.

Stay tuned to playWISE for the best E3 2011 coverage you’ll find on the whole-wide Internet.


Experience the 3DS early with Nintendo’s 3DS demo kiosk finder

We may be just a week away from the official release of the Nintendo 3DS, but if you can’t wait to see what all the hub-bub is about for yourself, Nintendo has you covered. Behold the Nintendo 3DS kiosk locator, which helps you locate your closest Nintendo 3DS kiosk and give the system itself a try with your own hands and, of course, eyes.

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Zelda smorgasbord: Skyward Sword trailer, later release date, Ocarina screens and mystery project

Several morsels of Zelda information were released during the San Francisco Game Developers Conference 2011 over the last few days, with the most recent being a brand new trailer for the latest Wii game in the franchise, “Skyward Sword.” While the brand-new, gameplay-toting trailer is quite a treat for Zelda fans, the accompanying news is certainly not.

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Okamiden demo available on Nintendo Channel

okamiden- playwisegaming.comCapcom’s second release in the Okami series, “Okamiden,” will be available for the Nintendo DS on March 15, but you can play it today. The well-hidden Nintendo Channel on the Wii holds the key to unlocking this painterly pearl of a DS demo.

Although the demo is disappointingly short, it certainly captures the essence of the game. It seems extremely similar to the PlayStation 2 version, but hopefully when the full game is released, there will be a few new gameplay elements to satiate even the strongest celestial-brush desires.

The full process for downloading the demo is detailed below.

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