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PlayStation Network down for the next two days

If you’ve turned on your PlayStation 3 recently, you may have noticed the inability to access any features of the PlayStation Network.

Official word from Sony’s blog is that the outage, which is affecting North American, Australian and Asian regions, may last for about two days.

There has been speculation that hacker group “Anonymous” had a hand in this outage due to a previous attacks on Sony’s services. However, a member of the group claimed that “Anonymous” has no connection to the outages.

“ATTENTION: For everyone coming here complaining about the PSN or inquiring about it, We Do Not Know What Happened,” a member wrote on the group’s Facebook wall. “This is not the work of Anonymous.”

So, kiss those dreams of “Portal 2” online co-op goodbye as you stare at the 80710A06 error mocking you from your television screen.

UPDATE: There is still no official word on when the service will be running again. However, the Sony blog now states that an “external intrusion” was the cause of these outages. Who or what caused the attacks is still unknown at this point. This may be a good time to play a few single-player games.


PlayStation Phone is Xperia Play, requires repurchasing PSN content

This week, Sony finally unveiled its PlayStation phone, called Xperia Play.  According to a Sony Ericsson press release, “XperiaTM PLAY combines a PlayStation-quality gaming experience with the very latest Android smartphone technology.”  While the list of features is extensive, Xperia Play does have one disappointing feature.

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Sony officially reveals PlayStation Phone as Xperia Play

Xperia Play - playwisegaming.comAfter months of leaked images and videos, Sony has finally officially revealed their PlayStation Phone with its real title of Xperia Play.

A strange commercial for the device was aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 6 giving very little information about the phone other than its existence. You can check out the horrifically creepy teaser below.

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A reason to buy PlayStation Plus? Free download of Stacking and exclusive Killzone 3 demo

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be receiving the brand new downloadable adventure game, “Stacking,” as well as an exclusive single-player “Killzone 3” demo for free on Feb. 8.

While the “Killzone 3” demo is nice, the free download of “Stacking” is a promising addition to the discouragingly low amount of free, quality content that PlayStation Plus subscribers are entitled to.

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playBACK episode three — NGP/PSP2, 3DS, 2010 sales slump, Portal 2, GDC, L.A. Noire

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PSP2 blowout: All the info on Sony’s Next Generation Portable

PSP2-NGP12 - playwisegaming.comSony officially announced the successor to the PlayStation Portable at a Japanese press conference today. The device, which is codenamed Next Generation Portable or NGP, has no official release date other than holiday 2011 and no set price point.

However, there are plenty of other details including the hardware specifications, a new interface and several games.

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PSP2 reveal on Thursday, may have 3G support

psp2 - playwisegaming.comJapanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting, according to Andriasang, that the next generation PlayStation Portable is slated to be revealed at a Sony press conference this Thursday, January 27.

The console, currently dubbed the PSP2, reportedly features 3G support, enabling players to download games and movies as well as software while players aren’t around wi-fi.  It will also have a larger OLED touch screen and a new processor to handle updated and high-resolution graphics.

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