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The quick skinny: May 15-21

quick skinny - playwisegaming.comPlayWISE doesn’t always have time to report on every piece of game news throughout the week. Unfortunately, there are some weeks we may not have time to post at all. Fear not faithful readers; this week we’re introducing a digest of all the week’s gaming news we deem fit for consumption but were unable to cover throughout the week. Read onward to the first installment of our “Quick Skinny.”

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playCAST Episode Seven: Kill Osama for yourself

PlayCAST is back after a brief hiatus. We get a little political in this edition, albeit rather briefly.  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 00:45 — 3DS impressions and headaches
  • 05:14 — Wii 2 speculation and rumors
  • 16:22 — PSN down along with SOE
  • 24:17 — The Witcher 2 excitement
  • 29:36 — Mass Effect 3 details,  novels, comic books, DLC and more
  • 46:00 — Crysis 2 thoughts and lack of servers
  • 53:46 — Portal 2 thoughts on singleplayer, co-op and “sequel-ness”
  • 64:22 — Osama bin Laden’s effect on games, and how you too can kill him
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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Free Portal 2 DLC coming soon

Portal 2 DLC - playwisegaming.comThe first downloadable content, creatively labeled “DLC #1,” for first-person puzzler “Portal 2” will be free and is arriving this summer, developer Valve announced via press release yesterday.

The free pack will include the expected additional test chambers along with leaderboards, a challenge mode for both single and multiplayer and more. What the “more” portion of “DLC #1” actually is remains a mystery.


PlayStation Network down for the next two days

If you’ve turned on your PlayStation 3 recently, you may have noticed the inability to access any features of the PlayStation Network.

Official word from Sony’s blog is that the outage, which is affecting North American, Australian and Asian regions, may last for about two days.

There has been speculation that hacker group “Anonymous” had a hand in this outage due to a previous attacks on Sony’s services. However, a member of the group claimed that “Anonymous” has no connection to the outages.

“ATTENTION: For everyone coming here complaining about the PSN or inquiring about it, We Do Not Know What Happened,” a member wrote on the group’s Facebook wall. “This is not the work of Anonymous.”

So, kiss those dreams of “Portal 2” online co-op goodbye as you stare at the 80710A06 error mocking you from your television screen.

UPDATE: There is still no official word on when the service will be running again. However, the Sony blog now states that an “external intrusion” was the cause of these outages. Who or what caused the attacks is still unknown at this point. This may be a good time to play a few single-player games.


playBACK episode three — NGP/PSP2, 3DS, 2010 sales slump, Portal 2, GDC, L.A. Noire

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playCAST Episode Five: playWISE’s game of the year

It’s the podcast you’ve all been waiting for — the one where we reveal our game of the year! Well, even if you haven’t been waiting for it, it has undoubtedly arrived. Listen in to hear our deepest darkest thoughts on 2010’s best game. We also discuss some recent gaming news and give a few predictions for game happenings in 2011. Read on to see all the items discussed in the podcast.

Music Credit: Pseudo Kids

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Portal 2 for PS3 will include cross-platform play

portal2 - playwisegaming.comYou have an awesome gaming PC, but your best friend has a PlayStation3.  Will you be able to play “Portal 2” together?  Yes, you will.  According to IGN, developer Valve has confirmed cross-platform play will be available on the PS3 version of the game.

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