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playCAST Episode Eight: E3 2011 Special

All the major E3 2011 press conferences have occurred, and it’s time for your boys at playWISE to editorialize and grade how each company did. Spoiler: Ubisoft blew us away, and their conference should be used as a template for all following press conferences until the end of time — Mr. Caffeine FTW!  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 01:07 — EA presser shows off “Mass Effect”
  • 07:33 — Ubisoft presser with Mr. Caffeine
  • 11:38 — Microsoft presser with our thoughts and grades
  • 37:17 — Sony press conference with our thoughts and grades
  • 51:12 — Nintendo press conference with our thoughts and grades
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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E3 2011 predictions and dreams: Sony

Sony E3 11 Prediction -
Sony hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to its recent press conferences. The company is going to need to showcase more than just numbers if they want to overshadow the major console announcement Nintendo has and beat the odds after its recent PSN debacle. Keep reading to see what playWISE thinks will, should and won’t happen at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference.

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The quick skinny: May 22-28 in videogames

quickskinny2-playwisegaming.comHave you been lazing about all week, ignoring the latest gaming news? We knew it! Well, this one’s for all you lazybones.

May 23:

Sony loses $173 million to hacks

  • Sony revised their projected earnings for the fiscal year to reflect a $173 million loss caused by the PlayStation Network hack.

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playCAST Episode Six: The Showdown – PSP2 vs. 3DS

In the left corner, we have the son of the current reigning champ, weighing in at a 230 grams and sporting a glasses-free 3-D screen — it’s the 3DS! In the right corner, we have the underdog toting an additional analog stick and a back-facing touchpad — give it up for PSP2…er…NGP!

Ben Wade and Jeremy Lloyd are back in action and joined by the inimitable Jake Woodard. Tune in to hear them duke it out over which new handheld will be crowned gaming champion. Let’s get ready to portable!

Music Credit: Pseudo Kids

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playBACK episode three — NGP/PSP2, 3DS, 2010 sales slump, Portal 2, GDC, L.A. Noire

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PSP2 blowout: All the info on Sony’s Next Generation Portable

PSP2-NGP12 - playwisegaming.comSony officially announced the successor to the PlayStation Portable at a Japanese press conference today. The device, which is codenamed Next Generation Portable or NGP, has no official release date other than holiday 2011 and no set price point.

However, there are plenty of other details including the hardware specifications, a new interface and several games.

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PSP2 reveal on Thursday, may have 3G support

psp2 - playwisegaming.comJapanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting, according to Andriasang, that the next generation PlayStation Portable is slated to be revealed at a Sony press conference this Thursday, January 27.

The console, currently dubbed the PSP2, reportedly features 3G support, enabling players to download games and movies as well as software while players aren’t around wi-fi.  It will also have a larger OLED touch screen and a new processor to handle updated and high-resolution graphics.

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As Playstation phone video leaks, what do we know about PlayStation’s next-gen portables?

Rumors and a few photos are all the industry has had to go on for the currently in-development PlayStation phone, but this weekend a new and crystal-clear video of the mobile device surfaced, fueling yet more speculation.  According to Engaget, who broke the news on Saturday, the Sony Ericcson brand phone is currently codenamed Zeus Z1.

What can be seen in the video is clearly a mobile phone with a touch screen and a slide-out control surface.  It has a similar look to the PSPgo, PlayStation’s most recently released portable device.  The video also shows what appear to be apps for the phone, one of which is labelled “PlayStation.”

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