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playCAST Episode Eight: E3 2011 Special

All the major E3 2011 press conferences have occurred, and it’s time for your boys at playWISE to editorialize and grade how each company did. Spoiler: Ubisoft blew us away, and their conference should be used as a template for all following press conferences until the end of time — Mr. Caffeine FTW!  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 01:07 — EA presser shows off “Mass Effect”
  • 07:33 — Ubisoft presser with Mr. Caffeine
  • 11:38 — Microsoft presser with our thoughts and grades
  • 37:17 — Sony press conference with our thoughts and grades
  • 51:12 — Nintendo press conference with our thoughts and grades
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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Sony e3 2011 conference recap: Vita, new Move games and more!

sonye311conf-playwisegaming.comSony’s E3 2011 press conference has come and gone, but never fear playWISE is here. Our liveblog below contains all of Sony’s announcements on the NGP, PS3 and more. If you want to see the entire conference for yourself, you can watch it on Gamespot.

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The playWISE portal to E3 2011

UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Nintendo press conference HERE
UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Sony press conference HERE
UPDATE:Read our liveblog for the Microsoft press conference HERE

E311coverage -
E3 2011 starts tomorrow, June 6, and there is a 100 percent chance that tons of videogame news will come from its tech-laden announcements. While we can say with certainty that not every single piece of E3 news will appear on playWISE, we can at least claim that all the best information from E3 might make an appearance — we don’t exactly get paid for this, so cut us some slack.

However, we know for sure that we’ll be able to liveblog the three major conferences. Below, you’ll find the conference schedules, links to our liveblogging pages with their corresponding RSS feeds, and links to the live broadcasts. Let the game announcements begin!

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E3 2011 predictions and dreams: Sony

Sony E3 11 Prediction -
Sony hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to its recent press conferences. The company is going to need to showcase more than just numbers if they want to overshadow the major console announcement Nintendo has and beat the odds after its recent PSN debacle. Keep reading to see what playWISE thinks will, should and won’t happen at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference.

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E3 liveblog for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo conferences and two podcasts

E32011 - playwisegaming.complayWISE does E3 2011 in style

E3 2011 is just around the corner, and playWISE will be bringing you all the action. We’ll be liveblogging Microsoft’s press conference on June 6 at 12:30 p.m. EST, Sony’s on June 6 at 8 p.m., and Nintendo’s on June 7 at 11:30 a.m.

We’ll also be posting two podcasts to discuss our thoughts on the major press conferences and touch on the smaller ones that we’re not liveblogging.

Stay tuned to playWISE for the best E3 2011 coverage you’ll find on the whole-wide Internet.


The quick skinny: May 22-28 in videogames

quickskinny2-playwisegaming.comHave you been lazing about all week, ignoring the latest gaming news? We knew it! Well, this one’s for all you lazybones.

May 23:

Sony loses $173 million to hacks

  • Sony revised their projected earnings for the fiscal year to reflect a $173 million loss caused by the PlayStation Network hack.

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playCAST Episode Seven: Kill Osama for yourself

PlayCAST is back after a brief hiatus. We get a little political in this edition, albeit rather briefly.  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 00:45 — 3DS impressions and headaches
  • 05:14 — Wii 2 speculation and rumors
  • 16:22 — PSN down along with SOE
  • 24:17 — The Witcher 2 excitement
  • 29:36 — Mass Effect 3 details,  novels, comic books, DLC and more
  • 46:00 — Crysis 2 thoughts and lack of servers
  • 53:46 — Portal 2 thoughts on singleplayer, co-op and “sequel-ness”
  • 64:22 — Osama bin Laden’s effect on games, and how you too can kill him
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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