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Sophomore claims victory at UF StarCraft II LAN

StarCraft II LAN
As shafts of light from the setting sun began to creep into room 110 of Rinker Hall on Nov. 6, 35 students were clashing for dominance on the alien battlefields of StarCraft II.

The event was Gator Gaming’s first member-organized LAN, which president Kyle Kirwin saw as more than a singular event but rather a new direction for the club.

“We expected it to be pretty high quality, and it has been,” Kirwan said. “We’ll definitely plan more things like this in the future — it’s kind of what we want the club to evolve into.”

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UF senior creates his own videogames

Domesticus sample image

An early prototype image from "Domesticus."

Gators know how to make games — at least that’s the case with University of Florida senior Ahmar Rana.

He has been creating his own videogames since 1996 after he began using a basic game editing program called Klik & Play. Since then, Rana has crafted dozens of games in his spare time — most of them eccentrically surreal gameplay experiences that he enjoys sharing with friends and having a laugh about.

“I just like it when I make something and then a bunch of other people turn out to enjoy what I create,” Rana said. “It feels liberating in a way.”

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UF students could win a copy of Madden or Super Bowl tickets for life

Rewards Card

In order to promote their debit card, Electronic Arts, a national videogame publisher, will be raffling off copies of “Madden 11” and “MMA” to any University of Florida students who sign up for the card over the next few weeks.

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FIFA tournament at Orange & Brew

Students signing up

Several students wait for their chance to register for the FIFA tournament.

The crowd cheered as Spain scored against Madrid, and again as Arsenal scored over Chelsea. With six simultaneous soccer games, the action at the Orange & Brew on Wednesday night was nonstop during the “FIFA 11” tournament.

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Gator Gaming to hold videogame tournament on Nov. 19

Dust off your keyboards, brush up on your hotkeys and grab your game pads — it’s time for another round of videogame tournaments at the University of Florida. Gator Gaming, UF’s largest gaming club, is holding their next tournament, GatorLAN Winter, on Nov. 19 in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom from 4 p.m. to midnight, and it’s free to enter.

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UF vs. Waterloo in C StarLeague match

The University of Florida’s StarCraft II team faced off against the University of Waterloo in their first C StarLeague match of the season. Watch the slideshow presentation below to discover who claims victory and who faces defeat.


Player Spotlight: Fangzhou Hou

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at spotlighting Gainesville gaming talent, and the University of Florida’s very own Fangzhou Hou is the first to take the stage. Watch the video to see Hou in action, and click the link to read more  about his gaming talents.

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StarCraft class at UF

StarCraft II

At the University of Florida, honors students can now pick up two credits to get one step closer to graduation by playing “StarCraft.”

Nate Poling, an instructor for UF’s College of Education, said he designed the online course, 21st century skills in “StarCraft,” to use the game as a tool to facilitate learning in a way that no traditional classroom could.

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Local developer shows zombie game at UF club meeting

Agapitus Lye at Gator Gaming

Agapitus Lye sharing footage with Gator Gaming from his studio's upcoming game, "Dungeon Defenders."

Footage of a zombie apocalypse was unleashed at Gator Gaming’s member meeting on Wednesday, care of local game studio executive Agapitus Lye.

Lye shared a video of an early build of Trendy Entertainment’s next project: “AfterLife.” The game is still at an early stage of development, but Lye outlined several of it’s key features, including the fact that a famous movie director was collaborating with his team.

“He’s the biggest zombie director, and whoever that may be, I don’t know,” Lye said coyly.

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playCAST Episode One: Gator Gaming

Below is the first episode of playCAST, which is playWISE’s gaming podcast. Check it out to learn more about Gator Gaming, the University of Florida’s biggest gaming club. Guests include Kyle Kirwan and Spencer Ellinor.

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Welcome to my videogame blog

Hello. My name is Ben Wade and I’m a senior at the University of Florida. I’m currently in a class titled: Reporting and Writing for Online Media.

For this class, I have chosen to cover a specific beat and mine will be videogames. My goal is to provide game news and information on events in the Gainesville area for game enthusiasts.

Check back here often if you want to get the latest in Central Florida videogame news and happenings. Thanks for checking out my blog!

September 2020

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