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playCAST Episode Eight: E3 2011 Special

All the major E3 2011 press conferences have occurred, and it’s time for your boys at playWISE to editorialize and grade how each company did. Spoiler: Ubisoft blew us away, and their conference should be used as a template for all following press conferences until the end of time — Mr. Caffeine FTW!  The show line-up is as follows:

  • 01:07 — EA presser shows off “Mass Effect”
  • 07:33 — Ubisoft presser with Mr. Caffeine
  • 11:38 — Microsoft presser with our thoughts and grades
  • 37:17 — Sony press conference with our thoughts and grades
  • 51:12 — Nintendo press conference with our thoughts and grades
Music Credit: Andrew Wade

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Ubisoft attempts to resuscitate music gaming genre with Rocksmith

Just when you thought music gaming was dead in the water, Ubisoft announces a brand new title coming out this Fall for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that the developer thinks will revolutionize the genre. So what makes “Rocksmith” different? For starters, it’s a game that doesn’t come with a controller.

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playVIEWS — Game tester says he does have “real” job

Obliterating hordes of goblins with mana bombs, spike blockades and lightning towers is serious business.

Just ask Marc Singer, 21-year-old quality assurance lead for Gainesville, Fla., game studio Trendy Entertainment. He’s currently working 60 hours a week to squash the bugs and iron out the glitches in Trendy’s latest title, “Dungeon Defenders,” through a process known as playtesting.

It’s Singer’s job to play videogames and report to the development team any problems he finds, but he initially had a hard time convincing his parents that he had an actual job at all.

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Kinect to get Gears of War on-rails shooter

Rumors of a “Gears of War” title being developed for Microsoft’s Kinect are true.  A source familiar with the project has confirmed the existence of the title, which will be an on-rails shooter.

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The Wild West meets modern L.A. in Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Ubisoft has announced the next installment in the “Call of Juarez” franchise, subtitled “The Cartel.”  In this next iteration, the game trades in the dusty plains for the dirty streets.

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Microsoft acquires Kinect Halo domain, could it be a reality?

Microsoft has secured the rights to, CVG reports.  The Whois page confirms that Microsoft acquired the page on June 14, 2010.

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A flood of Final Fantasy trailers

FF XIII - playwisegaming.comSquare Enix recently held their first Production Premiere wherein they revealed the future of some of their franchises with Final Fantasy at the forefront. “Final Fantasy XIII” was the first release in what originally was planned as a series of titles under the Fabula Nova Crystalis heading, so what’s the status on the others?
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Japanese demo for Catherine available next week

Catherine - playwisegaming.comGame publisher and developer Atlus’ most recent game, “Catherine,” will be receiving a demo on the Japanese PlayStation Network and Xbox Live next week. Anyone who wants to try the game out simply needs to set up a Japanese PSN or XBL account in order to download the free demo.

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2010 saw industry-wide gaming sales slump sales soared in what was otherwise a fairly dismal sales year in the videogame industry, which saw an almost across-the-board slump in sales figures.
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The red ring of death returns, possibly thanks to the Kinect

RROD - playwisegaming.comJust when you thought Microsoft had finally fixed the RROD — by removing the red lights, right? — the Xbox 360 console error has reared its ugly head again, and rumor has it the Kinect is to blame.

Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360 appears to be causing older, pre-Slim Xbox 360 models to overheat, leading to RRODs. According to Destructoid, a 10-year-old boy interviewed on BBC radio 4’s “You and Yours” program described his issue:


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Valve, EA work out distribution deal for Portal 2

It’s pretty much understood that “Portal 2” is one of the most anticipated games of 2011.  Yesterday, Valve announced an official release date for the title and a finalized distribution deal with EA.

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Batman: Arkham City VGA trailer reveals the villain: Dr. Hugo Strange

He’s a maniacal menace and a psychotic psychiatrist.  At the Video Game Awards on Saturday, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios unveiled the identity of the villain of “Batman: Arkham City,” and his name is Dr. Hugo Strange.

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Kinect vs. Move: a Battle Royale for Highest Holiday Sales

The Christmas retail season is in full swing, and the hottest video game peripherals this year are Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation Move. While customers are busy getting their hands on these new gadgets, the companies behind them are spinning sales numbers and competing for the top holiday sales spot.

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Review — Costume Quest (PlayStation 3)

Costume Quest Logo
“Costume Quest” is a Halloween themed role-playing game crafted by Double Fine Productions, the development studio headed by Tim Schafer that birthed gaming gems such as “Psychonauts” and “Brutal Legend.” This time around, Schafer was no longer at the helm, and Tasha Harris, former Pixar artist, took his place as lead developer. Was Harris able to pull off another clever creation for Double Fine, or does “Costume Quest” suffer from the curse of Schafer-itis?

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Review — Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)

Halo: Reach” signifies both a beginning and an end. In the timeline of the Halo games, the events of “Reach” begin the story that all the previously released games are based upon. Bungie, the developer of Halo, has announced that this is the last Halo title they will develop, a motion that is mirrored in the bittersweet events of “Halo: Reach.”

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Gainesville developer announces international release

Trendy Entertainment, a Gainesville-based videogame developer, has officially announced an international release for its upcoming game: Dungeon Defenders.

The game could be described as a mix between an action role-playing game, similar to Diablo II, and a tower-defense, like Crystal Defenders.

Players will choose a hero to customize and use to defend their base against wave after wave of monsters in the land of Etheria. As each level progresses, players will have the chance to upgrade defensive and offensive parts of their base or improve their characters stats to better defend against the onslaught of enemies. Players will also be able to play online cooperatively or competitively.

A somewhat simplistic demo for this game was released about a year ago and is no longer available to the public. However, compared to the videos released for the finished product, a wealth of new features seem to have been added.

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